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Bridge & Roof observes Rajbhasha Pakhwada

Publish Date: 04-11-2015

Bridge & Roof observes Rajbhasha Pakhwada

Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Ltd. (B&R observed Rajbhasha Pakhwada from 21-09-2015 to 28-09-2015. Various Programmes and

Competitions using Hindi Language were organized during the fortnight to enhance awareness of our national language and

encourage its use in day - to - day workings of the Company. B&R's Official Language Implementation Committee regularly

conducts Hindi classes in the Company to impart a working knowledge of the Hindi language to its non-Hindi speaking employees.


Hindi Essay Writing Competition being held at B&R's Head Office



Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 27-01-2020